About the course

Whoever you are, and however you live your life, E-Stress Management will teach you the essential skills and techniques of stress management.
E-Stress Management is divided into eight sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of stress and its management

Sessions include three elements:

  • Learning modules that provide key information
  • Activities that will show you how to identify, treat and prevent stress-related problems, and tailor the learning to your individual needs
  • Downloadable audio relaxation exercises to reinforce your new learning in your mind and body

E-Stress Management is based on authoritative research evidence and professional techniques used in clinical practice.

What to expect

E-Stress Management will help you to:

  • Understand the connection between the stress response and your own symptoms, thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Know your strengths when it comes to coping with life’s demands
  • Have a range of coping strategies to choose from
  • Know yourself and your habits of thinking and responding
  • Discard old, unhelpful beliefs and thinking patterns
  • Develop a positive self-image to guide your decisions and actions
  • Use relaxation and breathing techniques to cope with stress and reduce tension 
  • Make time for yourself and your wellbeing
  • Face life’s demands with competence and confidence
  • Make active, responsible choices
  • Learn new skills for problem-solving, goal-setting, prioritising, positive thinking and assertiveness
  • Feel better by tackling your stress-related symptoms.