Become an E-Stress Management Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in the E-Stress Management affiliate programme.

I believe passionately in the quality of training provided by E-Stress Management, and the tools and support it brings to people who are facing the challenge of stress. I’m motivated to share these resources as widely as possible – and affiliates are central to making this happen. 

The affiliate programme is open to companies and individuals, regardless of their online or other marketing experience. It’s free and fully automated to pay a commission of 50% to each affiliate for any and all sales that are generated through their unique ‘hop-Link’. 

While internet sales do not necessarily come easily, this programme does give you the opportunity to promote a product which is ethical and beneficial where it matters most: To people’s health and well-being. You get the chance to put your internet skills and/or marketing ideas into practice, with the potential to earn commission as you do so.

I welcome all affiliates who share my passion for making simple, effective and professional stress management training available to people in all walks of life, and in all parts of the world.

How might you or your company be able to use the affiliate programme to spread the benefits of this practical and holistic training to your existing clients/customers/patients, or your social and professional contacts - as well as other targeted groups and the broader online community? 

All you need is your affiliate hop-link and the energy, imagination and enthusiasm to promote E-Stress Management by talking to people and sharing your link (e.g. via your own website, your existing contacts/networks, e-mails, facebook, twitter, blogs or other online forums/discussion groups etc) – and to earn commission on any sales that you generate.

When you're ready, please click the "Join our Affiliate Programme" link on top of this page to get set-up with your unique affiliate hop-link and begin putting your marketing ideas into action.

I’d be delighted to hear from you if you have questions, reservations or comments about becoming an affiliate, so feel free to contact me if I can be of any help - or you just want to say ‘Hi’.  

With appreciation and best regards,

Pauline Lummas,
Creator of E-Stress Management

Join our Affiliate Programme

How it works

  • Click the "Join our Affiliate Programme" link on top of this page.

  • You will be directed to your own Affiliate Admin page (on my E-junkie server) – where you can obtain a ‘Common hop-link’ code to post to your own web siteYou will also be asked to provide details of the PayPal account into which you would like your commission to be paid. Full instructions are provided, with further information and help available on request. 

  • This hop-link code also includes a URL, so if you do not have a web site, simply provide this URL to others via emails or messages to social media, blogs and other sites.  

  • Buyers who click your hop-link will be redirected to the E-Stress Management site. If they purchase the training course, the cookie attached to this hop-link will automatically register the sale to the referring affiliate – earning that affiliate a commission of 50% of the total sale price. 

  • Cookies have are set to expire 6 months after the buyer clicks into the site for the first time.  Anything they purchase from the site within the lifespan of the cookie will earn commission for the referring affiliate - even if they never click the affiliate's link again.

  • Affiliates are notified by email every time their link makes a sale.

  • At the end of each calendar month, commission for each affiliate is calculated. The due amount will be paid through PayPal two weeks later (between 10th and 14th of the following month). The delay in payment is to take account of any cancelled orders and refunds that may be requested. 

  • Affiliates can at any time view their referrals that generated a sale, in the Earnings Report screen of their Affiliate Admin.

Please do not be put-off if the technical side of becoming an affiliate sounds difficult. It’s actually quite straightforward, and full support is on-hand if you need it.

A few rules and requests:  I ask that affiliates work ethically in all they do to promote E-Stress Management.  This means being honest and respectful of others at every stage of the promotion process.  E-Stress Management should not be promoted through spam or rented email lists.  Nor should it be sold through eBay or other auction sites.