How to deal with stress at work

Stress Management for Organizations
A definitive guide to workplace stress for employers, managers, lone-workers, health & safety advocates, employee-representatives and staff members.

No employer, owner, worker or manager can afford to ignore the issue of workplace stress - whatever the function, size, structure or location of the enterprise.   But what exactly should be done about stress at work, and why?  Whose responsibility is it, and how can employers, managers and individuals recognize and respond to job-related stress?

Our new publication - E-Stress Management for Organizations - sets-out concise and authoritative answers to key questions on why and how to manage stress at work.  Bringing evidence and experience together, this briefing paper supplies essential information AND practical guidelines on organizational stress management - for employers, managers, lone-workers, health & safety advocates, employee representatives and individual staff members. 

Tackling work-related stress doesn’t have to be costly, nor does it need to be outsourced to specialist providers.  Find out more by downloading our complimentary version of:

Topics include:

Why is workplace stress an issue? 

  • Employer responsibilities
  • The legal framework
  • World Health Organization guidelines
  • Signs and consequences of stress in the workplace     
  • Health outcomes for individuals
  • Costs for the organization

What should be done?

  • Stress auditing the workplace
  • Addressing hazards and risk factors
  • Identifying groups and individuals at risk
  • Designing appropriate policy
  • Planning and implementing suitable interventions

How to deal with workplace stress?

  • A step-by-step strategy for preventing, reducing and resolving organizational and personal stress




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The all-inclusive edition of
E-Stress Management for Organizations
contains an additional set of resources for putting organizational stress management theory
into practice. 

These resources comprise a systematic and strategic approach to managing stress at work.

Survey questionnaires, checklists and information sheets are included for: 

  • Carrying out a full stress audit of the organization and its people
  • Managing change and identifying needs for action/training
  • Developing an appropriate stress policy
  • Organizational and personal stress management interventions

See the list of Appendices (1-8) on the free download for a detailed breakdown of resources incorporated into the all-inclusive edition of ‘E-Stress Management for Organizations’. Please note that the links to these appendices are not active in the complimentary copy of this publication. 

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