Is E-Stress Management for you?

If one or more of the following apply to you, you could benefit from E-Stress Management.

Is E-Stress Management for you?
  • You know you are under stress in one or more areas of your life,  and you’re ready to deal with it
  • You believe you may have stress-related symptoms, or your doctor thinks your illness is stress-related
  • You believe your stress-related symptoms will get worse if you don’t act
  • You are dealing with work issues (redundancy, unemployment, retirement, harassment, increased workload, disagreements with colleagues, lack of support, organisational change)
  • You are dealing with family issues (children leaving home, divorce, bereavement, family rows, relationship problems, marriage, birth of child, caring for elderly parents or other dependents)
  • You are dealing with other personal issues such as life plans not working out, legal or financial difficulties, adapting to a new culture or lifestyle, health problems, social isolation or discrimination

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Is E-Stress Management for you?
  • You are dealing with illness or disability, either in yourself or in a loved one
  • You have test results confirming hormone imbalance, or other symptoms that suggest it (e.g. chronic tiredness, unexplained weight gain or loss, changes in skin or hair)
  • You use avoidance strategies to ‘get through the day’ (compulsive use of TV, computer or smartphone; addictions to sugar, carbohydrates, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol or prescription/non-prescription drugs)
  • You care about personal or spiritual development, but still feel ‘blocked’ when it comes to managing your everyday responses or habits
  • You are looking for an effective, long-term, evidence-based solution rather than a quick fix
  • You do not have access to other specialist help – or you simply prefer the convenience and affordability of online learning
  • You want to deal with life’s challenges competently and confidently – now and in the future.

Client feedback*

“It covers everything from relaxation, breathing, thinking, personality, behaviour, diet and exercise – the lot! I felt my needs were understood and I got real, practical help in looking after myself and managing my life. It went a lot further than I expected or have found on other stress management courses.”
“The stress management techniques I learned on the course have become part of my everyday life.  E-Stress Management did the job for me, and I felt supported throughout.  I now recommend the course to my stressed clients.”
“It’s not easy to leave the house. I have kids and my elderly father lives with us. I am the main carer for everybody – and it can be difficult to care for myself as well. I’m so pleased I found e-training in stress management as I learned how to cope and felt I was understood and helped along the way. I breathe, think and feel differently now.”
“My employer sent me on stress awareness seminars in the past – but the trainers talked as if my stress is ‘all in my head.’ I wanted solutions to stress but did not want to be told it wasn’t ‘real’. Maybe this is why E-Stress Management worked so well for me. The course accepts there are demands in our lives and that by strengthening our coping we open up choices about how to deal with them.

* Names are withheld to maintain client confidentiality.